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9 Fragen an unseren CEO Adonis

Aktualisiert: 5. Juli 2021

1. What prominent challenges does our company solve? Why are we in business?

  • We want to offer customers the change of consuming snacks with a good conscience.

  • We want to achieve “climate neutrality” becoming a net-zero emissions company.

  • We want to use biodegradable packaging for our snacks products which is a rare and innovative practice in consumables goods because of pricing and product lifetime value.

  • We create a positive social and economic impact in the country of origin of the raw materials. Our products are Fairtrade certificated. Fairtrade connects consumers, companies and producer organizations and changes trade through better prices for farmers families, as well as decent working conditions for employees on plantations in developing and emerging countries.

  • We support economic sustainability by producing our whole product in Ecuador, leaving main part of the value creation in Ecuador in this way we support the farmers, the packaging industry, the producers. On that way a lot of jobs are created in Ecuador.

  • We are in business because we are snacks fans and wanted to create a product which fits our ideals and long-term convictions. We want to contribute to more climate friendly consumption. We want to support economically Ecuador since for us, coming from Latin America, the economic reality is very clear. We know that every step in the right directions can generate jobs and decent living conditions.

2. When people first applied, why do they want to work with us?

  • We are an intercultural company and value every contribution of individual backgrounds. Differences enrich our discussion and help us to find the best solutions.

  • We let our teams mainly to choose the activities where they want to learn the most, reinforce their professional career and feel that they are a valuable and important part contributing to the shaping of the company, helping each other, communicate openly and have fun while working hard.

  • We committed to tackle our generation problems and find solutions that are sustainable in a climate, social and economic way.

  • We motivate each other to go out of the comfort zone to be today the person of tomorrow that we want to become.

3. Who are our customers, and what do they value most?

Our customers are people interest in sustainable consumption, love self-education and transparency. They value most the sustainable packaging we (will) offer, our sustainable and climate friendly organic product and the economic sustainable impact we create in Ecuador. At the same time, they value most the transparency of our organization.

4. What kind of image do we want to convey to the outside world as a company?

  • Sustainable in all ways: economic, social and environmental.

  • Young Startup founded by students

  • Part of the founders come from Latin America and know exactly the challenges people there must face regarding unemployment, working conditions, non-climate friendly practices.

  • We are pioneers. We try to contribute to solve big problems with our corporate responsible impact.

5. How do we use our products and services to reach our goals?

  • Sustainable packaging helps the environmentally friendly consumption.

  • Working with the right transport/logistic partner to reach climate neutrality which means that we don’t produce emissions of CO2, or that all our emissions are balanced by strategic projects to bring the CO2-balance to 0.

6. What do you think our

organization’s purpose is?

Generate an important change in consumption habits of final consumers, logistic partners, producers and support developing countries by creating our whole product in the country of origin of our raw materials.

7. What do you like about working for our company?

The change of self-development by contributing to big important changes in the food industry, consumption habits and supporting.

8. What differentiates us from our competitors?

  • We love snacks.

  • We enjoy our work.

  • We fight for sustainability.

  • We design our sustainable value chain

  • Concretized: 100% biodegradable snacks packaging, working with sustainable palm oil from Ecuador not with imported ecological sunflower oil from Europe, we are becoming a climate neutral company (C02-Balance of ZERO).

9. What underlying philosophies and principles shaped your responses to the previous questions?

  • We live in a world where consumption is not evitable, we have few sustainable options when it comes to choosing products.

  • We live in a world where green washing is a stablished and working concept for many companies. We want to be the best at our sustainable goals.

  • We value our teams as our most important resources to reach sustainable company goals. We give them the opportunity to shape our company, get out of their comfort zone and grow with us.

  • We want to be happy and enjoy our work. That is why our teams have the goal of finding the activities that make them happy and enjoy their work and feel valuable.

  • We know that “a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step - Laozi”. We want to be that first step when it comes to snacks sustainability, being part of the big journey to ensure we go in the right direction.

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